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Cavitation and Slurry Erosion of Aluminum in the Slurry Pot Tester

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volume 736)
Main Theme Advances in Materials Development
Edited by B.S.S. Daniel
Pages 218-222
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Hassan Jayaraj Amarendra et al., 2012, Materials Science Forum, 736, 218
Online since December 2012
Authors Hassan Jayaraj Amarendra, Gajanan P. Chaudhari, S.K. Nath
Keywords Cavitation Erosion, Erosion Testing, Solid Particle Erosion, Synergy
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In harnessing clean and renewable energy sources water turbines represent a significant portion of the power generation worldwide. Because of erosion, repair and maintenance of hydraulic turbines is a difficult problem. Material removal in hydraulic turbine components may occur either by particle erosion or cavitation erosion or by their combined action. Many ASTM standard and non standard test rigs are aimed at specific tests, like solid particle erosion, cavitation erosion. To simulate the real conditions in a laboratory setup, a novel method is employed to combine the effect of cavitation erosion and slurry erosion in the slurry pot tester. Triangular prismatic cavitation inducers are used in the conventional slurry pot tester. The aluminum test specimens are investigated in the slurry pot tester. A wide variation in material loss was noted under different exposure conditions. The maximum material loss is ascribed to combined effects of solid particle erosion and cavitation erosion.