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Thermoelectric Properties of Al Doped ZnO Thin Films

Significant progress has been made in thermoelectric materials during the last decades and it is found that thermoelectric thin film materials have high thermoelectric conversion efficiency. ZnO based thermoelectric materials, such as ZnO:Al (AZO), are considered as the most promising oxide materials for high-temperature, nontoxic and low-cost thermoelectric application. In this work, the effects of annealing temperature on the thermoelectric properties of AZO thin films prepared by direct current magnetron sputtering were investigated. The results indicate that the Seebeck coefficient of AZO thin films increases and the resistivity decreases as increasing of annealing temperature. Among the prepared AZO films in this work, the maximum absolute value of Seebeck coefficient is 460 μV/K and the minimum resistivity is 3.25×10-4 Ω·m. The sample annealed at 773 K has a maximum power factor value of 1.46×10-4 W/mK2 at 620 K with a moderate Seebeck coefficient of-355 μV/K and a electrical conductivity of 1.16×103 S/m.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 743-744)
Edited by
Xinfeng Tang, Ying Wu, Yan Yao and Zengzhi Zhang
Z. H. Zheng, P. Fan, G. X. Liang, P. J. Liu, P. J. Cao, D. P. Zhang, Z. K. Cai, X. Ou, C. Y. Lai, "Thermoelectric Properties of Al Doped ZnO Thin Films", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 743-744, pp. 138-143, 2013
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