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Recrystallization of 304SS during and after High Strain Rate Deformation

During the hot working of austenitic stainless steels the shape of the flow curve is strongly influenced by the strain rate. Low strain rate deformation results in flow curves typical of dynamic recrystallization (DRX) but as the strain rate increases the shape changes to a ‘flat-top’ curve. This has traditionally been thought to indicate no DRX is taking place and that dynamic recovery (DRV) is the only operating softening mechanism. Examining the work-hardening behaviour and corresponding deformation microstructures showed this is not the case for austenitic stainless steel, as clear evidence of dynamic recrystallization process can be seen. The post-deformation recrystallization kinetics can be modelled using a standard Avrami equation with an Avrami exponent, n, of 1.15. With an increasing value of the Zener-Hollomon parameter it was found that the kinetics of recrystallization become less strain rate sensitive until at the highest values (highest strain rates/lowest temperatures) the recrystallization kinetics become strain rate insensitive.

Chapter 6: Hot Deformation
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Matthew Barnett
A. S. Taylor, P. D. Hodgson, "Recrystallization of 304SS during and after High Strain Rate Deformation", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 753, pp. 403-406, 2013
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March 2013
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