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Modelling of the Effects of Entrainment Defects on Mechanical Properties in a Cast Al-Si-Mg Alloy

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volume 765)
Main Theme Light Metals Technology 2013
Chapter Chapter 2: Casting & Solidification
Edited by Ian Stone, Brian McKay and Zhongyun Fan
Pages 225-229
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yang Yue et al., 2013, Materials Science Forum, 765, 225
Online since July 2013
Authors Yang Yue, William D. Griffiths, Nick R. Green
Keywords Casting, Entrainment Defects, Modeling, Oxide Films
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Entrainment defects such as double oxide films and entrapped bubbles occur frequently in aluminium alloy castings during the mould-filling process, and are very detrimental to both mechanical properties, and reproducibility of casting properties. In this study a modelling algorithm was used to predict the formation and distribution of entrainment defects in Al-Si-Mg alloy castings. The tensile strength of cast test bars was compared with either the number of defects, or the defect concentration within the bars obtained from the simulation. A general relationship between the mechanical strength of the cast test bars and the quantity of estimated defects was apparent.