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Generation of Deuteron Beam from the Plasma Focus

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volume 107)
Main Theme PIM & ASIP 2004
Edited by T. Vilaithong, D. Boonyawan and C. Thongbai
Pages 151-0
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Chiow San Wong et al., 2005, Solid State Phenomena, 107, 151
Online since October 2005
Authors Chiow San Wong, S.L. Yap
Keywords Deuteron Beam, Plasma Focus
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The generation of deuteron beam from a 3 kJ Mather type plasma focus is studied. Two simple ion collectors made of copper plates are employed and are placed at the axis of the electrodes to detect the ion beam. The deuteron beam intensity at various deuterium gas pressures is determined together with ion beam energy using the time of flight method. For a series of discharges of the present plasma focus system operated at 15 kV discharge voltage, ion beams of energies ranging from 50 to 200 keV have been measured. The suitable deuterium filling pressure for ion beam production for electrodes lengths of 16 cm, 22 cm and 27 cm are 1 mbar, 0.7 mbar and 0.5 mbar respectively.