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Formation of Aluminum Nitride Film for High Power Soft X-Ray Source Using Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition Method

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volume 107)
Main Theme PIM & ASIP 2004
Edited by T. Vilaithong, D. Boonyawan and C. Thongbai
Pages 43-46
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Takaomi Matsutani et al., 2005, Solid State Phenomena, 107, 43
Online since October 2005
Authors Takaomi Matsutani, Masato Kiuchi, Kiyotaka Shirouzu, Akihiro Yoshioka, Ryuichi Shimizu, Sadayuki Takahashi
Keywords Aluminum Nitride (AlN), High Power X-Ray Source, Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition
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An aluminum nitride (AlN) target for Al-Kα X-ray source with high power and long service life has been developed by N2 + ions assisted Al vapor deposition method (IBAD). The AlN film formations were carried out at the Al deposition rate varied from 2.0 nm/s to 0.15 nm/s with a fixed low-energy N2 + ion of 1 keV. The films were deposited on Cu substrate at room temperature. The AlN films were characterized by an X-ray diffraction, an electron probe X-ray microanalysis and a Knoop-hardness measurement. The AlN deposited at the Al deposition rate of 0.5 nm has a N/Al ratio of 0.4, a Knoop-hardness of ~1500 and a low resistance of ~0.2 . Comparison of durability test between the AlN target and a conventional Al target was performed. It has been revealed, after 500 hours under an electron bombardment of 300 mA at 20 kV, that there were no change of morphology and X-ray intensity on the AlN-surface whilst cracks due to the heat-cycle fatigue covered the Al-surface.