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Simulation of the Oriented Crystallisation of Cu/Pd(001) Amorphous Film

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volume 115)
Main Theme Mechanical Spectroscopy III
Edited by B.M. Darinskii and L.B. Magalas
Pages 311-314
DOI 10.4028/
Citation A.A. Dmitriev et al., 2006, Solid State Phenomena, 115, 311
Online since August, 2006
Authors A.A. Dmitriev, Alexander V. Evteev, V.M. Ievlev, A.T. Kosilov, Elena V. Levchenko
Keywords Computer Simulation, Defect, Interface, Thin Film
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Crystallisation processes of amorphous Cu-film on Pd(001) substrate have been investigated by molecular dynamics method. It has been established that the formed structure has tetragonal distortions; the elastic stresses caused by dimensional misfit of crystal lattices of the substrate and the film lead to the formation of complex defect structure changing during the annealing.

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