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Assessment of Steam Generator Tubes with Dual Axial Through-Wall Cracks

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volume 120)
Main Theme Safety and Structural Integrity 2006
Edited by Young-Jin Kim
Pages 71-76
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yoon Suk Chang et al., 2007, Solid State Phenomena, 120, 71
Online since February 2007
Authors Yoon Suk Chang, Seong In Moon, Young Jin Kim, Jin Ho Lee, Myung Ho Song, Young Hwan Choi
Keywords Collinear Cracks, Failure Prediction Model, Parallel Cracks, Plastic Collapse, Plugging Criteria, Steam Generator Tubes, Thin Plate
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In this paper, conservatisms of current plugging criteria on steam generator tubes are reviewed and six new failure prediction models for dual through-wall cracks are proposed. In order to determine the optimum ones among these local or global failure prediction models, a series of plastic collapse tests and corresponding finite element analyses are carried out with respect to two adjacent axial through-wall cracks in thin plates. Then, reaction force model, plastic zone contact model and COD (Crack Opening Displacement) base model were selected as the optimum ones for integrity assessment of steam generator tubes with dual cracks.