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Spin State Transition Studied by Means of Optical Microscope

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volume 163)
Main Theme Applied Crystallography XXI
Edited by Danuta Stróż & Małgorzata Karolus
Pages 46-50
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Maciej Zubko et al., 2010, Solid State Phenomena, 163, 46
Online since June, 2010
Authors Maciej Zubko, Paweł Zajdel, Joachim Kusz
Keywords Iron(II) Complex Compounds, Optical Microscope, Spin State Transitions
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We have tested a new method which allows assigning the spin state of the spin crossover (SCO) crystal in-situ during the diffraction experiment. The method is based on the analysis of change of the colour of the SCO compounds. We have found that the off-line setup in transmission geometry is reliable in assigning the magnitude of high spin molecules fraction (γHS) and the character (one step, many steps, histeresis) of the SCO transition. Later on, this method has been used in the in-situ measurements directly on X-ray four-circle diffractometer.

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