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In Situ Observation of the Oxygen Nucleation in Silicon with X-Ray Single Crystal Diffraction

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 178 - 179)
Main Theme Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XIV
Chapter Chapter 8: Defect and Impurity Characterization
Edited by W. Jantsch and F. Schäffler
Pages 353-359
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Johannes Will et al., 2011, Solid State Phenomena, 178-179, 353
Online since August 2011
Authors Johannes Will, Alexander Gröschel, Christoph Bergmann, Andreas Magerl
Keywords Annealing, In Situ, Oxygen Nucleation, Silicon, Single Crystal Diffraction, Static Debye-Waller Factor, Statistical Dynamical Theory, Wedge Shaped Geometry, X-Ray
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The measurement of Pendellösungs oscillations was used to observe the time dependent nucleation of oxygen in a Czochralski grown single crystal at 750°C. It is shown, that the theoretical approach of the statistical dynamical theory describes the data well. Within the framework of this theory it is possible to determine the static Debye-Waller-factor as a function of the annealing time by evaluating the mean value of the Bragg intensity and the period length. The temperature influence on the Pendellösungs distance was corrected for by measurement of a Float-zone sample at the same temperature.

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