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Wet Clean Induce Pattern Collapse Mechanism Study

Periodical Solid State Phenomena (Volume 187)
Main Theme Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces X
Chapter Chapter 7: Back-End-of-Line Cleaning
Edited by Paul Mertens, Marc Meuris and Marc Heyns
Pages 253-256
DOI 10.4028/
Citation C.C. Yang et al., 2012, Solid State Phenomena, 187, 253
Online since April 2012
Authors C.C. Yang, C.C. Ko, H. Ou Yang, K.F. Chen, Y.Y. Peng, J.W. Liou, C.C. Chou, H.Y. Tsai, K.C. Lin, S.M. Jeng, H.J. Tao, M. Cao
Keywords Aspect Ratio, BEOL, Pattern Collapse, Surface Tension, Ultra Low-k, Wet Clean
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Pattern collapse phenomenon was first time observed in BEOL application with the integration of ultra low-k film scheme. With the dimension and pitch shrinkage, the pattern collapse defects are getting worse during wet clean process. In this study, the line collapse defects can be significantly reduced by adding surfactant solution to the rinse liquid. Moreover, higher aspect ratio (>4) will also deteriorate the collapse window. In addition, the kink or bowing trench profile will induce localized stress at the interface. Accordingly, optimization of both wet clean and dry etch process are the successful keys to solve line collapse issue toward future generation and beyond.