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A Study of the Physical Properties of Te15(Se100-xBix)85 Glassy Alloys

Authors: Kameshwar Kumar, Nagesh Thakur, S.C. Katyal, Pankaj Sharma
Abstract: In the present communication, a study was made of the compositional variation of physical properties: average coordination number (),...


Are the Temperature Sensors Based on Chalcogenide Glass Possible?

Authors: Mykhaylo Shpotyuk, Dmytro Chalyy, Oleh Shpotyuk, Mihail Iovu, Andrzej Kozdras, Sergii B. Ubizskii
Chapter 6: Materials for Sensing
Abstract: Principal possibility of the using of chalcogenide glasses (on the example of Ge18As18Se64) as active media...


Chalcogenide Glass Optical Waveguides for Optical Communication

Authors: Husain Mushahid, Raman Swati
Chapter 2: Advanced Optical Materials and Devices
Abstract: The present research work is focused on fabricating the chalcogenide glass optical waveguides keeping in mind their application in optical...


Dispersion of Refractive Index of Non-Crystalline Chalcogenides in Cu-As-Se System

Authors: S.R. Lukić, D.M. Petrović, V.B. Petrović, D.D. Petrović


EXAFS Analyses on Local Structure of Gallium in Amorphous Selenide Optical Materials Doped with Rare Earths

Authors: Yong Gyu Choi
Abstract: Ga K-edge EXAFS spectra have been analyzed to elucidate the local coordination structure of Ga in two representative selenide Ge-As-Se and...


FTIR and DSC Study of Se92Te8-xSnx (x=0, 3 and 5) Chalcogenide Glasses

Authors: Rajneesh Kumar, Pankaj Sharma, Virsingh S. Rangra
Chapter 10: Functional and Nano Materials
Abstract: In the present work, DSC and FTIR study of the of Se92Te8-xSnx ( x=0, 2 and 4) glassy samples has been...


Ionic Conducting Glasses of the Ag-Ge-Se System

Authors: B. Arcondo, M.A. Ureña, A. Piarristeguy, M. Fontana


Light-Induced Structural Relaxation and the Photoplastic Effect in Chalcogenide Glasses

Authors: M.L. Trunov, Sergey N. Dub, R.S. Shmegera
Abstract: The combination of depth-sensing indentation and band-gap illumination has been used to study the photoplastic effect (the reversible...


Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy Measurement of Ge5As37S58 Glass

Authors: Alexander Stronski
Chapter 3: Diagnostics of the Functional Nanomaterials and Devices
Abstract: Defect configuration of Ge5As37S58 chalcogenide glasses was studied by positron annihilation lifetime...


Study of the Glass Transition Temperature of (Se100-xBix)90Te10 (x = 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3) Alloys

Authors: Deepshikha Sharma, Saneel K. Thakur
Abstract: Alloys of (Se100-xBix)90Te10 (x =0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 at.%) were prepared by using a conventional melt-quench technique. The samples...


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