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Authors: Mochida Yasuhide, Hanumantharayappa Yashwanth
Chapter 6: Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Abstract:The characteristic methods involved in underpinning construction are studied in this research. The analysis of the structure is performed...
Authors: Xiao Quan Li
Chapter 4: Material Engineering, Energy Science and Ecological Resources
Abstract:Using black insulation slurry as manufacture material, the high emitter-isolating-layer was fabricated on the cathode plate. The high...
Authors: Zhong Hu Ma, Jian Hong Yang
Chapter 5: Electronic Communication Engineering and Electrical Automation Engineering
Abstract:In order to suppress Tx-to-Rx carrier leakage in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, this paper proposes the method of carrier...
Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang
Quality Monitoring and Control of the Manufacturing Process
Abstract:The kink effect is a harassed issue existing in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) and usually degrades the whole...
Authors: Li Ya Liu, Dean Zhao, Yun Qin
Chapter 10: Sensors, Detection Technology and Instrument
Abstract:This paper designs a multi parameter real-time water quality on-line monitoring system for aquaculture water. This system achieves the online...
Authors: Jin Hui Liu, Wan Tao Ding
Abstract:Based on isolation theory, time-history analysis on isolation system with limiting displacement protective devices was studied by Fortran...
Authors: Hao Ming Cai, Zhong Tao, Xin Li Cao
Chapter 4: Seismic Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, we calculate and analyze a tall building project of seismic isolation design. It is a frame-shear wall structure, which has...
Authors: Ping Li, Zong Gang Mou, Geng Xiu Zheng, Run Yu Ma
Chapter 03: Organic Chemistry
Abstract:The composition and antioxidant activities of two polysaccharides PFCAⅢ and PFCCⅠ, isolated from Fructus corni, have been investigated. The...
Authors: Kun Liu, Yong Feng Li, An Ying Jiao, Xin Yu Pan
Abstract:Anaerobic process of biohydrogen production was developed recently. The isolation and identification of high efficient biohydrogen production...
Authors: Ai Mei Yang, Yun Men, Han Han, Lin Yang, Xiao Long Shi, Rui Wu, Wei Jie Guo
Chapter 3: Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biological Chemical and Biomedical
Abstract:Eight compounds were isolated from the ethanol extract of G. algida Pall. the structure of these compounds were identified as: oleic acid...
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