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A Lightweight Distributed Computing System Based on JavaScript Technology

Authors: Jun Tang
Abstract: Because the web is not only the platform for information exchange but also the computational platform based on JavaScript engine, every...


A Lightweight Serverless RFID Tag Search Protocol

Authors: Yun Tian, Gong Liang Chen, Jian Hua Li
Chapter 8: Networks Communication and Information Technologies
Abstract: Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been applied to a variety of domains. RFID tag search problem becomes significant when the total...


A New Design Method of Body-in-White Lightweight Considering NVH Performance

Authors: Zhi Lin Gao, Qing Hua Kong, Jian Pin Lin, Qiao Sheng Hu, Yan Chen
Chapter 9: Processing and Manufacturing, Properties and Performance
Abstract: With the development of the auotomobile industry, the body-in-white has to meet the dual requirements of lightweight and NVH performance....


A New Type of Cast In Situ Reinforced Concrete Biaxial Hollow Slab with Property of Thermal Insulation

Authors: Wei Hong Xuan, Yong Wan, Yu Zhi Chen, Pan Xiu Wang
Chapter 1: High Strength High Performance Materials and New Structural System
Abstract: The construction technology and fundamental principle of a new kind of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete biaxial hollow slab with property of...


A Review on the Research of Concrete with Expanded Polystyrene Beads as Aggregate

Authors: Rong Lin Chen, Zhi Xing Zeng, Ke Min Zhou
Chapter 8: Recycling and Reusing of Building Material
Abstract: This paper is an overview of research about the concrete with expanded polystyrene beads as its aggregate in the past. First, a brief...


A Study on Magnesium Alloy Substitution Design and Analysis for Automotive Seat Back Frame

Authors: Yun Kai Gao, Da Wei Gao, Yu Hang Gao
Abstract: A magnesium alloy substitution design for an automotive seat back frame is carried out. With the magnesium extrusion profiles and the...


A Study on the Collapse Characteristics of CFRP Circular Member According to Collision Energy Conditions

Authors: Ju Ho Choi, In Young Yang, Woo Chae Hwang
Structural Plasticity
Abstract: Vehicle structure must be lightweight in order to improve fuel-efficiency and reducing exhaust fumes. The most important goals in designing...


Aluminum Nanocomposites via Gas Assisted Processing

Authors: Cecilia Borgonovo, Diran Apelian
Chapter 5: Microstructure and Properties
Abstract: Aluminum nitride (AlN) possesses superior thermal and electrical properties and is an ideal candidate for high-temperature, as well as for...


Application of Energy-Saving Magnesium Alloy in Automotive Industry

Authors: Chun Ping Du, Dao Fen Xu
Chapter 10: Engineering Materials and Processing Technologies
Abstract: Reducing the weight of a vehicle, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by a large extent, has become a research focus in the...


Application of Topological Optimization on Aluminum Alloy Automobile Wheel Designing

Authors: Zhi Jun Zhang, Hong Lei Jia, Ji Yu Sun, Ming Ming Wang
Chapter 07: Mechanics
Abstract: Topology optimization method based on variable density and the minimum compliance objective function was used on designing the wheel spokes....


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