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A New Modular Coaxial Feeder Nozzle in Laser Cladding

Authors: Fei Wang, Xi Chen Yang
Chapter 5: Advanced Machining and Materials Processing Technology
Abstract: The powder feeder head is studied, which is one of the key to laser cladding. In view of many coaxial nozzles that are used nowadays, we...


A Novel Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot (M2SBot): Docking Mechanism Design and its Kinematic Analysis

Authors: Wei Min Ge, Ying Lin Lei, Xiao Feng Wang, Hua Jin Zhang, Zhen Min Liu
Chapter 4: Mechatronics, Robotics, Control and Automation
Abstract: This paper presents a novel docking mechanism, based on a new type of mobile modular self-reconfigurable robot named M2SBot. The...


A Study on Process of Modular Li-Ion Power Batteries

Authors: Han Liang, Xiao Feng, Yuan An Li
Chapter 2: General Mechanical Engineering
Abstract: Li-ion power battery which has a broad prospect of application in many industry fields is a new type of high power battery. The...


A Study on the Modular Designed the Elderly-Specific Bag Based on Touch

Authors: Xiao Ping Hu, Xia Feng, Ya Zhou, De Lai Men
Chapter 2: Instrumentation and Measuring Technology, Data Acquisition and Analysis
Abstract: Bag is an important stuff in daily life, which is used to carry personal necessary articles. The elderly people usually cant distinguish the...


A Web-Based Customization Product Design System

Authors: Yun Xia Wang, Zhi Liang Wang, Xiao Yu Ni
Abstract: To improve product family design methods for mass customization currently, scale-based modular method for product family design is proposed....


An Automatic Control and Measurement System of Compressor Experimental Operation Platform

Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, Yan Lv, Ji Kai Ma
Chapter 11: Virtual Instrument and Automation Instruments
Abstract: According to actual needs of measurement system, the virtual instrument with functions of automatic acquisition and automatic control was...


Analysis of Time Response of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators Modular System

Authors: Dan Mândru, Ion Lungu, Simona Noveanu, Mihai Olimpiu T─âtar
Abstract: The first part of the paper treats the general problems concerning the shape memory alloy actuators and their operation principle. Then, our...


Application of Modular Design in the Intelligent Building Product Designing

Authors: Liang Chen, Rong Jiao, Jin Quan Liao
Chapter 5: Control, Monitoring and Computer Technologies
Abstract: Modular design is a standardized approach to organically combine standardization and diversification and to effectively integrate multi-type...


Application of Modular Programming Based on Virtual Instruments in Industrial Measurement and Control System

Authors: Qian Qian Lu, Wei Shao, Chun Lin Xia
Chapter 1: Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems
Abstract: At present, virtual instrument technology has been widely used in all kinds of tests, measurements and automation fields. Test software is...


Configuration Design of Modular 3-PRS Parallel Robot and Dynamic Simulation Analysis

Authors: Jing Tao Lei
Abstract: This paper presented model-based integrated design technology for configuration design of modular 3-PRS parallel robot. The kinematics...


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