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3D Valley Site Effect on the Nonlinear Seismic Response of Earth Dam

Authors: Yong Qiang Li, Li Ping Jing, Hai An Liang, Yan Zou, Wei Feng Sun
Chapter 4: Seismic Engineering
Abstract: A three dimensional numerical model for a typical earth dam and its valley site was established and the nonlinear seismic response of this...


A Dynamic Model for Non-Linear Radial Forced Vibration of Unilateral Boring Tools and its Application to Improving the Accuracy of Boring Process

Authors: Peng Li, Li Zhi Gu
Chapter 2: New Material Application in Manufacturing
Abstract: By analyzing factors affecting the accuracy of boring process on the precision boring machine, the article aims at putting forward a method...


A Failure Model for Heterogeneous Nonlinear Anisotropic Geomaterials

Authors: Huai Ning Ruan, Di Wang, J. W. Ju
Chapter 1: Geological and Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract: In designing earth structures, various kinds of complex soils and rocks are constantly encountered. These geomaterials exhibit...


A Novel Ultrasonic Technique to Detect Damage Evolution in Quasi-Brittle Materials

Authors: Paola Antonaci, Pietro G. Bocca, Davide Masera, Nicola Maria Pugno, Marco Scalerandi, Fabrizio Sellone
Abstract: The results of an experimental research on plain concrete are presented. The non-linear behavior of both virgin and damaged samples is...


A Pendulum-Like Structure for Design of Oscillators

Authors: Venkatesh Chenniappan, Reza Moheimani, Mehmet Yuce
Abstract: A novel MEMS resonator employing “capacitance-shaping” principle to generate sinusoidal signals is proposed. FEM simulations are done to...


A RSM Approximation in Probabilistic Nonlinear Analysis of Fire Resistance of Technology Support Structures

Authors: Juraj Králik
Abstract: This paper presents the methodology of the reliability analysis of the fire resistance of the steel structure of the cable way in NPP. The...


A Study of Inductance Computations for Transverse Flux Linear Motor Considering Nonlinearity of Magnetic Material

Authors: Ji Young Lee, Jung Pyo Hong, Do Hyun Kang
Abstract: Inductance is an important parameter to assess electric motor characteristics. In this paper, the methods of apparent and incremental...


A Sub 0.8 Degree per Hour Mode-Matching MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope with Closed Loop Control for the Sense Mode

Authors: Chun Hua He, Qian Cheng Zhao, Da Chuan Liu, Zhen Chuan Yang, Gui Zhen Yan
Chapter 2: Micro Sensors
Abstract: A detailed analysis about the nonlinearity of a mode-matching MEMS vibratory gyroscope is presented in this paper, then closed loop control...


Active Control of Nonlinear Vibration Absorber Based on Synovial Algorithm

Authors: Zhi Xing Li, Li Hua Yang, Qing Chao Yang
Chapter 1: Engineering Design of Machines and Equipment for Manufacturing
Abstract: In this paper, the dynamic characteristics of Duffing strong nonlinear vibration absorber system with additional hard spring is analysed...


Ad- and Desorption of Oxygen at Metal-Oxide Interfaces: Numerical Approach for Concentration-Dependent Diffusion Coefficient

Authors: M. Stasiek, Andreas Öchsner
Abstract: A numerical approach for the segregation of atomic oxygen at Ag/MgO interfaces is presented. A general segregation kinetics is considered...


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