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A Brief Discussion on Green Architecture Design and its Application Strategy in Implementation

Authors: Qi Wang
Chapter 1: Architectural Design and its Theory
Abstract: As a new way of architecture design, green architecture design which focuses on reducing energy consumption, utilizing natural resources and...


A Decision Making Methodology to Divide Virtualized Resources Morphologies

Authors: Xiao Jun Chen, Jing Zhang, Jun Huai Li
Abstract: The resources are divided into curable and non-curable morphologies to improve the efficiency of virtual computing systems, and we determine...


A Service Schedule Model in Green Cloud Computing

Authors: Jing Li, Qi Yun Han
Chapter 4: Information Technologies, WEB and Networks Engineering, Information Security, Software Application and Development, E-Applications
Abstract: With the development of cloud computing paradigm, energy consumption becomes a big problem. Green cloud computing requires efficient...


An Activity and Resource Advisory System for Manufacturing Process Chains Selection at the early Stage of Product Development

Authors: Jaya Suteja The, Prasad K.D.V. Yarlagadda, M. Azharul Karim, Cheng Yan
Chapter 20: Industrial Engineering and System Analysis
Abstract: Designers need to consider both the functional and production process requirements at the early stage of product development. A variety of...


An Environmental Personalized Tag Recommendation Model

Authors: Xiao Wang, Chi Zhang, Peng Zhou Zhang
Chapter 4: Computation Methods and Algorithms for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, Data Mining and Data Processing
Abstract: Social tagging has been widely used in Web2.0 applications. An optimized tagging recommendation model is showed in this article which can be...


Application and Research for IOT Based on REST Style

Authors: Yi Jiang, Xiao Shang Zheng, Rong Huang
Chapter 9: Information Technologies, WEB and Networks Engineering, Information Security and Software Application
Abstract: The development of sensor networks ,embedded systems and network technique has promoted the blossom of the Internet of things (IOT).However...


Application of PLS-SEM to Assess the Influence of Construction Resources on Cost Overrun

Authors: Ismail Abdul Rahman, Aftab Hameed Memon, Nor Hazana Abdullah, Ade Asmi Abdul Azis
Chapter 13: Innovation Management, Product Design and Engineering Management
Abstract: Being resource-driven industry, success and failure of construction projects highly depend on resources. As construction industry is...


Application of the Water Poverty Index at the Districts of Yellow River Basin

Authors: Xin Li, Jun Wan, Jie Lin Jia
Abstract: As one assessment method of the water resources, Water Poverty Index has become an available tool in water resources management for it...


Character and Social Interpretation of Local Architecture in the South of Shaanxi

Authors: Jie Yan, Jun Wang
Chapter 7: Construction Technology of Large Complex Structure
Abstract: Analyses the types and characters of the local architecture in the south of Shaanxi Province.Unscrambles the producing process and forming...


China's Rare Earth Industry: Past, Present and Future

Authors: Ji Wang Yan, Jiu Lang Xiong


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