Product Family Modeling Method for Rapid Response Design


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Design resources reuse is very important to the rapid response design. In this paper, a design resources reusable model based on product family is established to meet the rapid response design. Firstly, parameters transmission structure of product family is constructed based on Generic Bill of Materials (GBOM) and product master model, and then the reused design resource library is established by the instantiation to master model. Finally product configuration management and variant design is realized on the basis of the reused design resource library. In the developing process of the rapid response design system of machine tool component, the Linear Motion (LM) rolling guide variant design subsystem is developed by the application of the above methods to realize the variant design and configuration management of LM rolling guide. The result shows that the method can provide a reliable guarantee for establishment and effective management of corporate design resource base.



Edited by:

Elwin Mao and Linli Xu




S. M. Hou et al., "Product Family Modeling Method for Rapid Response Design", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 1, pp. 105-109, 2011

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September 2011


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