The Machinability of MAR-M247 Superalloy


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Nickel-base superalloy is a special super heat resistant alloy developed by U.S in 1970s. It is mainly applied to turbine parts as well as high-temperature components. Nickel-base superalloys exhibit an excellent high strength, low thermal conductivity and creep resistance as well as work hardening. It is the most difficult to be machined with high-speed cutting among different sorts of high-temperature superalloys and is a material presenting multifold challenges for machining. The purpose of this study aims at the machinability of Nickel-base alloys. Engineering statistical analysis was employed to observe the cutting speeds, feed rates and surface roughness at first place. The researcher further applied the half-normal probability plot (HNPP), Pareto analysis and ANOVA to identify the cross effects and probed into the characteristics of Nibase alloy.



Edited by:

Elwin Mao and Linli Xu






S. H. Chen et al., "The Machinability of MAR-M247 Superalloy", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 1, pp. 155-159, 2011

Online since:

September 2011


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