Nondestructive Measurement of Grape Leaf Chlorophyll Content Using Multi-Spectral Imaging Technology and Calibration Models


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Nondestructive measurement of grape leaf chlorophyll content is essential for precision vineyard management. Multi-spectral imaging technology was adopted for image acquisition of grape leave. For each leaf, a color (R-G-B) image and a near-infrared (NIR) image were taken. These images were then transformed into three vegetation indices, e.g. RVI, NDVI and GNDVI. Calibration models were established, by single-variable linear regression, multi-variable linear regression and BP-ANN. Three color space systems, e.g. R-G-B, CIE XYZ and HIS, were examined with the purpose of model optimization. A total of 112 leave were divided into a calibration set(62) and an independent validation set(50). A SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter was used for reference measurement. The single-variable linear regression result shows that the NDVI index is most significant for the measurement of leaf chlorophyll content with coefficient of determination (r2) of 0.70 for calibration set and 0.69 for independent validation set. It is found that the model for R-index produces higher accuracy than those for G- and B-index, which confirms that chlorophyll content can be correlated with R-grayscale values. By comparison, the multi-variable linear regression models based on R-G-B-NIR achieves higher prediction accuracy with r2 of 0.8174. To further improve the prediction accuracy, several BP-ANN models were developed. The best result was achieved for R-G-B-NIR with r2 of 0.99 for independent validation set. It is concluded that multi-spectral imaging technology coupled with BP-ANN calibration model of R-G-B-NIR grayscales is promising for nondestructive measurement of grape leaf chlorophyll content. This method proposed in the study is worthy of being further examined for in situ determination of nutrition diagnose of grape plant.



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Elwin Mao and Linli Xu






G. Lv and H. Q. Yang, "Nondestructive Measurement of Grape Leaf Chlorophyll Content Using Multi-Spectral Imaging Technology and Calibration Models", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 1, pp. 365-369, 2011

Online since:

September 2011


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