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  | Authors: Cong Zhao, Wei Guo
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:To achieve the goal that anybody could communicate with anyone at anytime in anyplace and in anyway, many technologies, such as...
  | Authors: Yue Lin Gao, Fan Fan Lei
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:A multi-objective particle swarm optimization with dynamic crowding entropy-based diversity measure is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the...
  | Authors: Bo Yu, Zi Xian Zhang, Yi Xiong Feng, Luis Ariel Diago, Ichiro Hagiwara
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:Over the past decades, Distributed Systems (DS) have been adopted for industrial applications to improve the system efficiency because...
  | Authors: Zhu Xiang Xu, Yi Jiang, Fan Lin, Long Dai
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:The development of the city has led to the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents. Whether we can analyze those accidents which had...
  | Authors: Zhen Xin Qu, Zhang Hui, Li Ping Liu
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:To create simulation experimental software correctly, how to model for process of administrative law enforcement was discussed. Taking...
  | Authors: Shuang Yuan Shi, Ju Song Zhang, Zong Guo Qiu
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:In this paper, we systematically described the characteristics of traditional Web applications, as well as the advantages of Ajax technology,...
  | Authors: Zhen Xin Qu
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:To mine richer semantics from relational database data, method of mining was discussed. Aiming at specific type of semantics, thirteen rules...
  | Authors: Shi Jun Yi, Xiao Ping Jing
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:This paper proposes a new method of designing load balancing system. The design of the system is based on the performance of hosting service...
  | Authors: Kai Chang Sun, Jian Lan Zhou, Zhi Yu Sun, Kun Li
Chapter 1: Engineering Applications
Abstract:The construction safety supervision errors can lead to unsafe behavior; further affect the working conditions of workers and result in...
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