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  | Authors: Shou Ming Hou, Li Juan He, Hua Long Xie, Yong Xian Liu
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Design resources reuse is very important to the rapid response design. In this paper, a design resources reusable model based on product...
  | Authors: Ya Min Wang, Yun Bao, Jing Chen, Jun Qing Li
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:This paper presents a novel hybrid shuffled frog-leaping algorithm (HSFLA) for solving the no_idle permutation flow shop scheduling...
  | Authors: Wei Li, Fu Zheng Yang, Shu Ai Wan, Guang Liang Ren
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:A highly flexible quadtree structure has been introduced in the latest high efficient video coding (HEVC) to efficiently represent video...
  | Authors: Yu Xiao Zhang, Xian Quan Zeng, Xin Jie Wang
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:This paper designs a resonant diaphragm liquid density sensor. From the reality, a resonant diaphragm is designed and manufactured....
  | Authors: Hong Jun Liu, Xiao Feng Hu, Dan Zhao, Xi Cheng Lu
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Locating internet instability is very important to diagnose internet problems. The existing methods are under the assumption that instability...
  | Authors: Lin Lin Fu, Jie Zhang, Shu Ying Cheng
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:As a convenient, fast, reliable and economic value-added service, CDMA Short Message Service (SMS) becomes more and more popular in our daily...
  | Authors: M. Asghar, Khalid Mahmood, Adnan Ali, M.A. Hasan, I. Hussain, Magnus Willander
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Origin of ultraviolet (UV) luminescence from bulk ZnO has been investigated with the help of photoluminescence (PL) measurements. Thin films...
  | Authors: Gang Zhang, De De Jiang, Jian Zhang, Xue Zhang, Ming Yan Li, Qing Zhen Yin
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Because of that the permanent magnetic bearing (PMB) has the advantage of no wear, low cost and simple structure, the industrial design...
  | Authors: Ming Shun Yang, Xin Qin Gao, Yong Liu, Yan Li
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:With fiercer competition and more complex manufacturing environment, as a new manufacturing mode, service-oriented manufacture integrating...
  | Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Yong Jun Zhang, Jing Tao Han, Ling Chen
Chapter 2: Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Partitioning Manufacture Technology (PMT), which can get complex parts by simple processing has been developed to reduce tooling cost or...
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