Emerging Engineering Approaches and Applications

Volume 1

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AEF.1

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Authors: Shao Hsien Chen, Sen Chieh Su, Po Chun Chang, Shuo Yan Chou, Kong King Shieh

Abstract: Nickel-base superalloy is a special super heat resistant alloy developed by U.S in 1970s. It is mainly applied to turbine parts as well as...

Authors: Da Ke Wu, Chun Yan Xie

Abstract: Leafminer is one of pest of many vegetables, and the damage may cover so much of the leaf that the plant is unable to function, and yields...

Authors: Yong Li, Jian Ping Yin, En Zhu

Abstract: Multibiometric fusion is an active research area for many years. Score normalization is to transform the scores from different matchers to a...

Authors: Szu Lin Su, Yi Wen Su, Ho Nien Shou, Chien Sheng Chen

Abstract: When there is non-line-of-sight (NLOS) path between the mobile station (MS) and base stations (BSs), it is possible to integrate many kinds...

Authors: De Xi Zhang, Xiao Yu Li

Abstract: In this paper we provide an information delay protocol using non-orthogonal quantum states. One person can send the other person some...

Authors: Tian Gong Pan, Da Yong Li

Abstract: 3D Arnold cat map can be applied in image encryption, and it has more security and better effect. However, its period is fixed. The original...

Authors: Wen Juan He, Jing Liu, Yuan Yi Hu, Jing Yi Wang

Abstract: The paper presents an imperceptible and robust digital watermarking algorithm using a combination of the DWT-DCT , which improves the...

Authors: Guang Song Guo, Yuan Peng Liu

Abstract: For the problem that interactive genetic algorithms lack a way of measuring uncertainty of comment, a method with grey level for uncertainty...

Authors: Xiu Ying Yu, Da Ke He

Abstract: Multi-signcryption can meet the requirement of message signcryption with muti-participant. Since the existing identity-based...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhang, Yi Jiang

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of Internet intrusion detection, data mining is adopted in intrusion detection. The paper introduces the concept...


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