Emerging Engineering Approaches and Applications

Volume 1

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AEF.1

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Authors: Ji Zhuang Hui, Yan Ma, Ze Feng Liu

Abstract: In order to meet the needs of high speed and high precision computerized numerical control machining, a calculation based on the control of...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Cai, Shu Dong Sun, Shu Bin Si, Ning Wang

Abstract: To facilitate the application of Bayesian network in engineering fields, learning proper structure from dataset is one of the most...

Authors: M. Reza Soleymani Yazdi, Michel Guillot

Abstract: This paper presents first a newly developed clustered neural network, which incorporates self-organization capacity into the well-known...

Authors: Wei Qing Wang, Yu Hua Yan, Rong Yu

Abstract: At the first, the algorithm unifies the all of the pixel domain within the rectangular pixels to . At the same time, it gave threshold value...

Authors: Wei Qing Wang

Abstract: Currently, the thinning algorithms based on the template have no completeness, so there are more error-retention and error-deletion pixels...

Authors: Jian Li Guo, Wei Wu, Shu Bin Xu

Abstract: The inherent dynamic and mobile natures of mobile ad hoc networks bring its flexibility and convenience in network deployment and...

Authors: Jun Wu, Run Hua Shi, Hong Zhong

Abstract: This paper proposes a hierarchical key management scheme in the mobile Ad hoc networks. In this scheme, there are two kinds of server nodes:...

Authors: Ning Zhao, Wei Jian Mi, Dong Sheng Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses the problem of determining a storage location for each unloaded container in the principle of cycling trailer...

Authors: Xue Chen, Fang Tao, Wu Chao

Abstract: The Associated Knowledge Flow (AKF) on the Web is an ordered sequence of Web pages that have associated relation. The associated relation...

Authors: Deng Yin Zhang, Zhen Xing Wang, Xiao Qiang Zhao

Abstract: In modern network confrontation, it is very important to improve the viability of web malicious code. According to the generation and...


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