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  | Authors: Jing Zhang, Hua Ping Hu, Bo Liu, Lin Chen
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:Low-Rate Denial-of-Service (LDoS) attack was a new type of denial-of-service attack, the queue management algorithm were found valuable to...
  | Authors: Dan Zhao, Chun Qing Wu, Xiao Feng Hu, Hong Jun Liu
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:As a distributed link state protocol, OSPF shows poor scalability when dealing with intra-domain routing in large networks. In this paper we...
  | Authors: Jun Ni, Zi Yin Li, Hua Cai Chen
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:No-reference image quality assessment is an important issue for video compression and communication. This work presents a no-reference...
  | Authors: N.Manda Vy Ravonimanantsoa, P. Auguste Randriamitantsoa
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:Currently, the development of research around VoIP experiences a tremendous growth. In the community of open source Asterisk represents a...
  | Authors: Ai Guo Li, Jing He, Jiao Jiao Du, Qi Yang, Wen Kai Wang
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:Real-time monitoring of energy measurement is a crucial and challenging field of application research. Development of practical real-time...
  | Authors: Hui He, Bo Chen
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:Recently, sentiment analysis of text is becoming a hotspot in the study of natural language processing, which has drawn interesting attention...
  | Authors: Wei Li, Guo Dong Han
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:With the purpose of offering dynamic information services for road users, the information publishing scheme is proposed based on variable...
  | Authors: Hui Cheng Shao, Zheng Xiang Fu
Chapter 4: Engineering Information System
Abstract:Annual relaxation of the seismic energy between 1900 and 2010 in West Chinese Mainland and Its Adjacent Areas has been deal with wavelet...
  | Authors: Biao Hu, Yun Tian
Chapter 5: Engineering Management
Abstract:Inventory management is a kind of method used by manufacturing or service sector to manage and control various articles and other resources...
  | Authors: Chang Wu Huang
Chapter 5: Engineering Management
Abstract:The paper is aimed at conducting a developmental and practical research on “life skill” cultivation in P.E. curriculum system of...
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