Emerging Engineering Approaches and Applications

Volume 1

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AEF.1

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Authors: Gang Lv, Hai Qing Yang

Abstract: Nondestructive measurement of grape leaf chlorophyll content is essential for precision vineyard management. Multi-spectral imaging...

Authors: Pi Shan Hsu, Te Jeng Chang, Joni Tzuchen Tang

Abstract: The decision-making competence has become the inevitable tendency in information communication technology. Schools today focus on how to...

Authors: Shu Ai Wan, Kai Fang Yang, Hai Yong Zhou

Abstract: In this paper the important issue of multimedia quality evaluation is concerned, given the unimodal quality of audio and video. Firstly, the...

Authors: Napassavong Rojanarowan, Nopavut Punyasiri

Abstract: This paper developed an understandable economic mathematical model of total cost of quality related to the use of control chart. This model...

Authors: Zhen Yu Han, Shu Rong Li

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical method based on quasilinearization and rationalized Haar functions for solving nonlinear optimal control...

Authors: Xiao Wei Shi, Lin Ping Huang, Wei Jian Mi, Dao Fang Chang, Yan Zhang

Abstract: An intelligent musical recommendation system for multi-users in network context is presented. The system is based on a comprehensive user...

Authors: Yi Fei Tong, Dong Bo Li, Yong He

Abstract: Manufacturing enterprises are now facing serious challenges and pressures from the tide of globalization. After analyzing the features of...

Authors: Yan Yue Zhou, Chen Li, Ge Zhu

Abstract: A good auction mechanism is able to release the information who owns to the other side who lacks of. In order to ensure a positive flow of...

Authors: Ai Guo Li, Jiao Jiao Du, Jing He, Qi Yang

Abstract: At present, fine management of post value has become an important measure for enterprises to realize cost control and fine management. This...

Authors: Guang Jun Cai, Bin Zhao

Abstract: Service composition is an emerging way to provide the value-added service. The existing automatic composition approaches pay little...


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