The Port System Metropolitan for City of Reggio Calabria


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Reggio Calabria becomes a metropolitan city with the law n ° 135 August 7, 2012. The new local authority must not only be an automatic replacement of the province, but it has to start processes of sustainable development of the territory, through processes and integrated programs in services and infrastructure. The expectations are starting innovative governance, streamlined and efficient and to provide services and infrastructure to the area of high rank through strategic planning and shared. The theme of port system take on strategic importance in a context that is a candidate to be a reference point in the Mediterranean. The port, many times, has been interpreted as a driving force of development, but it has often been conceived only in its technical - functional. The experiences and analysis of efficient port reality show that, for the construction of a port system, an integrated approach is necessary [3] which considers the aspects of social, economic and financial.



Edited by:

Carmelina Bevilacqua, Francesco Calabrò and Lucia Della Spina




R. Scrivo, "The Port System Metropolitan for City of Reggio Calabria", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 11, pp. 165-170, 2014

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June 2014



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