Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 17

Volume 17

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Abo-Elsoud

Abstract: High-energy ball-milling in hexane medium was employed to prepare Nobel Zr-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) alloy of three different...

Authors: Arian Ghandi, Mohsen Saboktakin Rizi, Hamid Reza Javadinejad, Ali Ghaheri, Hamaneh Zarenezhad

Abstract: The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of alloying elements of nickel, molybdenum, carbon and copper on hardness, density and...

Authors: Okechukwu P. Nwachukwu, Alexander V. Gridasov, Ekaterina A. Gridasova

Abstract: This review looks into the state of gigacycle fatigue behavior of some structural materials used in engineering works. Particular attention...

Authors: A.M. Al-Mukhtar

Abstract: The engineering parts joining by the spot welding require acceptable properties to survive the loading conditions XE "temperature". Several...

Authors: Tariq Rahim, Jia Dong Xu

Abstract: An asymmetrical chiral metamaterial at microwave frequency is constructed by using four double-layered L-shaped strips which are rotated by...

Authors: Victor Timofeev, Maksim Khatsayuk, Mikhail Eremin

Abstract: The present article describes the analysis of electromagnetic field in an induction MHD-stirrer for liquid metals with the account of...

Authors: Nima Beheshtizadeh, Amir Mostafapour

Abstract: Carbon/epoxy composite is one of the most useful polymer matrix composites that has special properties such as high strength-to-weight...

Authors: Abdurrhman A. Alroqi, Wei Ji Wang

Abstract: Heavy aircraft main landing gear tyres skid immediately after touchdown as result of the high slip ratio between the tyres and runway, which...

Authors: Hamed Mortazavi Nasab, Naser Navazani

Abstract: In this paper, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with fixed-wing in normal condition flight, and fixed height, is considered and along with...

Authors: Svetlana G. Sheina, Lidia V. Girya, Polina V. Fedyaeva

Abstract: This article considers the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of energy-saving solutions in the aspect of the task to determine the...


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