Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 19

Volume 19

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Johannes Weber, Sebastian Riedel, Julian Praß, Andreas Renz, Stefan Becker, Jörg Franke

Abstract: Small wind turbines are investigated as a possible solution for using wind energy at small scales in urban and suburban areas. Most turbines...

Authors: Sebastian Staub, Jochen Bauer, Dominik Müller, Jörg Franke, Jürgen Karl

Abstract: CO2 is the main determining factor for global climate change. For this reason, the emissions of this gas have to be reduced as...

Authors: Moritz Hein, Ralf Stöber, Gerhard Fischerauer, Johannes Bürner, Jörg Franke, Martin Feller, Joachim Maul

Abstract: The central heating units of buildings are typically replaced every 20 to 30 years. There exists a variety of solutions for fuel-and...

Authors: Johannes Bürner, Gerhard Kleineidam, Thomas Braun, Alexander Skibbe, Jörg Franke

Abstract: The transition from fossil generated energy towards regenerative energy sources is an important topic. Especially the generation from wind...

Authors: Julian Praß, Andreas Renz, Johannes Weber, Stefan Becker, Jörg Franke

Abstract: Conventional ventilation systems with heat recovery used for building aeration exhibit characteristic disadvantages arising from their...

Authors: Andreas Renz, Julian Praß, Johannes Weber, Stefan Becker

Abstract: Standard decentralized ventilation systems typically consist of two ventilators for inlet and exhaust air and a heat exchanger for the heat...

Authors: Michael Beck, Karsten Müller, Wolfgang Arlt

Abstract: A promising approach for increasing the energy efficiency of domestic households and buildings is to optimize the whole energy system by...

Authors: Anna Kettschau, Markus Michl

Abstract: The paper presents the results of an accompanying socio-scientific research of a one-year field test in a multiple dwelling, in which the...

Authors: Ralf Böhm, Martin Paulsburg, Jörg Franke

Abstract: Medium voltage grids are subject to a change in load situation due to the installation of decentralized generation plants. Predominantly...


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