Verification Experiment and Analysis for Electrical Utilities Diagnosis System by HFPD Detector


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It is important to secure the technology of electrical devices diagnosis to provide reliability of electrical power supplies in the modern society. In this paper, the electrical utilities diagnosis system is developed by the core technology for the high frequency partial discharge (HFPD) detection. The system detects the partial discharge generated in the electrical devices and analyzes the stability for operation status of the electrical utilities on uninterruptible power supply condition. In addition, we evaluate the stability and reliability for the electrical utilities diagnosis system by the experiments in the laboratory. In result, we find the partial discharge signal patterns by the trouble types of the electrical devices. In the future, we‘ll prevent the power failure accident through monitoring the inside strange status of the electrical devices.



Edited by:

Qingkai Han, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Chang-Hyun Oh and Zhong Luo




J. H. Yoo et al., "Verification Experiment and Analysis for Electrical Utilities Diagnosis System by HFPD Detector", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vols. 2-3, pp. 791-794, 2012

Online since:

December 2011


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