Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 21

Volume 21

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juan Carlos Tiznado, Maria Paz Silva, Natalia Viejo

Abstract: Current practice for seismic design of earth structures considers the use of displacement-based methods, which allow a quick and...

Authors: Zeno Cosmin Grigoraş, Dan Diaconu-Şotropa

Abstract: This paper presents the analysis of the effect of smoke exhaust and hot gases from an atrium type building using techniques for numerical...

Authors: Prachand Man Pradhan, Ramesh Kumar Maskey, Prajwal Lal Pradhan

Abstract: The partially infilled frames are considered vulnerable in terms of captive column effect for the events of earthquakes. Many reinforced...

Authors: Ruxandra Dârmon, Mircea Suciu

Abstract: The fire safety regulations in Romania require that in case of a fire occurring into a building, it should be prevented to spread to any...

Authors: Cornelia Florentina Dobrescu, Elena Andreea Calarasu, Iolanda Gabriela Craifaleanu

Abstract: A case study including a detailed ground settlement analysis is made for a particular loess structure located in the city of Galati,...

Authors: Mehmet Kamanli, Alptug Unal

Abstract: In reinforced concrete buildings in case of a possible earthquake, the buildings slamp as they lost their horizontal stability because of...

Authors: Ruxandra Dârmon

Abstract: The fire safety objectives are primarily focused on life safety issues. In addition, for particular cases, property protection and business...

Authors: Georgeta Băetu, Sergiu Andrei Băetu, Mihai Budescu

Abstract: The paper presents a case study of a greenhouse building affected by wind loads. The building is a lightweight steel structure with a height...

Authors: Alina Elena Toma, Gabriela Maria Atanasiu

Abstract: In the current economic climate, agriculture has started to become one of the main areas of economic activity, including economically...


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