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Authors: Gennadiy Pivnyak, Roman Dychkovskyi, Volodymyr Falshtynskyi, Edgar Cáceres Cabana
Abstract: Energy efficiency of coal gasification with possible utilization of mining wastes within ecologically closed gas generator cycle has been considered. Technical and technological performance of such gas generator and mechanism of material and heat balance on the basis of the available analytical methods and practices as well as the developed author software have been proposed. Heat carrier formed in the process of coal gasification has been used for the utilization. Temperature of the utilization process within the industrially expedient limits being supported with the help of either activation or attenuation of the gasification process. After specific treatment, organogenic waste and domestic wastes are utilized by means of thermal decomposition within a gas generator. Economic evaluation of the proposed means confirms the expediency of their implementation in mines with industrial and balanced coal reserves as well as within the areas where this energetic source has already been already mined out. Results of this investigation were partially presented on international scientific and practical conference “Forum of Miners - 2017”. They contain the researches, which were conducted within the project GP – 489, financed by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Authors: Olexander Shashenko, Nataliia Khoziaikina, Vladyslava Cherednyk, Maryna Pashkevych
Abstract: In the production cost structure of a coal, which is extracted underground, more than 30 percent is the electricity cost. This is the consumption of electricity by the main fans of mine ventilation, mining and mechanisms that are used in the construction of underground excavations.The geomechanical problem of estimating the permissible width of the safety structure (pillar) in a longwall during the mining of a horizontal laying coal seam is given and solved and taking into account the economic expediency of reused a haulage drift. The mining-geological and mining-technical conditions of coal reserves mining in the Western Donbass at the mine "Samarskaya" are considered, which is accepted as a characteristic object of research.The task was solved in a complex way on the basis of a generalization of in situ and numerical experiments on digital models using the RS2 software complex of the Canadian company Rocscience.Dependencies of a residual sectional area of the re-used excavation on the width and the constructive flexibility of the protective structure are obtained.A technological clearance between the safety structure and the roof rock negatively effects on excavation stability reducing the residual sectional area and should be minimized.
Authors: Mykola Trehub, Kseniia Tiukhmenova, Kostiantyn Kravchenko
Abstract: According to energy-saving trends the use of all types of energy should be minimal and efficient. Since late 90-s such strategy has been already used in well-developed countries. In Ukraine the energy-saving measures became popular since 2014. Now it is possible to receive warm loans supported by Ukrainian government for private households and co-owners of multi-apartment buildings. Also, it is possible to apply for grants of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine – the regional development projects that can be implemented at the expense of the state budget received from the European Union or other grants financed by local authorities at different levels. According to statistics it was found that using thermal sanitation method as a key measure of energy saving, it is possible to provide 85% of insulation efficiency. The research is focused on determination of weaknesses concerning grants for energy efficiency, their application and management. One of the most important factor that influence overall success is the correct calculation of energy losses. Three possible types of errors during calculations and possibilities to reduce their influence were defined. At the end of the article conclusions and suggestions for further research were made.
Authors: Ivan Sadovenko, Dmytro Rudakov, Oleksandr Inkin
Abstract: The total resources of geothermal energy in Ukraine up to the depth of 10 km are estimated at 1022 J, which significantly exceeds the reserves of fossil fuel sources. Nevertheless, geothermal exploration in each specific case requires comprehensive thermodynamic and feasibility studies taking into account local geological, hydrogeological conditions, and depth ranges. To facilitate such kind of studies an analysis has been made for Ukraine’s territory with the identification of aquifers that can be potentially used including the Transcarpathian trough, the Volyn-Podil’ska plate, the Dnipro-Donets depression, and Black Sea coast area. Regarding high thermal water mineralization a geo-technological scheme has been justified for environmentally safe exploration that suggests a closed cycle including (i) pumping out water to the surface, (ii) heat extraction, and (iii) re-injection of water into the aquifer. A mathematical model developed to evaluate the geo-circulation system effectiveness for various conditions allows predicting the changes in water temperature during circulation, power consumption, and heat capacity. Besides, the model enables optimizing the system performance depending on pumped water temperature. We assessed the effectiveness of geothermal heat extraction with the geo-circulation system in terms of profitability and net the present value (NPV). According to the estimations made for aquifers in Ukraine the geo-circulation system can be operated with the positive NPV in many regions of the country depending on the aquifer depth, heat flux, and groundwater flow. The obtained results correlate to the world standards of rational exploitation of geothermal energy.
Authors: Olexandr Solodyankin, Sergey Hapieiev, Mikhail Vygodin, Valentin Yanko
Abstract: Objective of the studies is the substantiation of energy efficient technologies to support permanent mine workings under complicated conditions of mines in Western Donbass. The results of analysis of geomechanical processes within rock mass neighbouring extended mine working have been demonstrated. The possibility to fill up underpropped area at different stages of a mine working construction has been shown. Efficient technology to improve the stability of mine workings by means of underpropped area filling up with hardening mixtures pneumatically has been considered. The results of the new technology to fill up underpropped area while constructing the main crosscut in Samarskaia mine (“DTEK Pavlogradugol” Company) have been demonstrated.
Authors: Kostiantyn Zabolotnyi, Olena Panchenko, Oleksandr Zhupiev
Abstract: Lagrange equations of the second kind are used to describe the dynamics of three-link manipulator lever tunnel stacker. Relative angles of rotation of manipulators units chosen as the generalized coordinates. The problem of the direct dynamics of the manipulator is solved. Expressions control torques for the main types of motion manipulators is given. With an accuracy of 11 %, using the motion simulation built in SOLIDWORKS Motion trajectory. Conclusions are drawn about selected control laws allowing to minimize the working time spent on the installation of the lining elements.
Authors: Yuliia Shabanova
Abstract: The article substantiates the conceptual foundations of the postmaterialistic paradigm of science, based on the achievements of quantum physics, synergetics, eniology and the theory of physical vacuum. The principles of the postmaterialistic paradigm (the ontological principle of holism, the principle of teleological hierarchy, the principle of materialistic-ideal complementarity, the anthropic principle of the predefinition of man and the world, the principle of the spiritual determiner of all theories of being) allowing to change radically the methods of energy use, applying the energy potential of the egregore for subtle, non-material matters of reality to upgrade the energy efficiency taking into account the axiological dominant, are explicated.
Authors: Oleksandra Vagonova, Dmytro Arzhevichev, Olesia Cherkashchenko
Abstract: Economic evaluation of losses conditioned by disposing radioactive wastes of the “Prydniprovskyi Chemical Plant” Production Association on the territory of Kamianske and surrounding areas of the Dnipropetrovsk region is performed. While analysing losses, four uniform groups of expenses and losses were distinguished which include: expenses on protecting and monitoring measures, expenses on remediation measures, social orientation expenses and expenses related to waste disposal. It is shown that expenses on protecting and monitoring radioactive waste storages prevail.
Authors: Maksym Kononenko, Oleh Khomenko, Denys Astafiev
Abstract: The analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the existing classifications of mining method by the way of stoping space supporting in the course of extraction of ores is executed. The new classification of mining methods of ore deposits allowing to capture all range of the applied variants of systems for different mining-and-geological and mining conditions is developed. It is possible to formulate names of mining methods on proposed which allows to present a complex of the productions which are carried out during mining of production blocks.

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