Performance Optimization of Pressure Sensor Based on Suspended Gate MOSFET


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This paper examines the modeling, simulation and optimization of CMOS–MEMS integrated pressure sensor based on suspended gate MOSFET. The pressure Sensor consists of a square poly silicone suspended membrane, which is the movable gate of the NMOS. This NMOS is designed using 2 μm CMOS technology. The mathematical model describing the complete behaviour of the PSFET pressure sensor has been described. Finite element method (FEA) based COMSOL Multiphysics is utilized for the simulation of pressure sensor. The simulation results show that, the output current of the pressure sensor varied from 355 to 3624 μA as the pressure changed from zero to 180 kPa and high pressure sensitivity of 15,18μA/kPa. Furthermore, this study emphasizes on the influence of the channel geometric parameters on the aforementioned characteristics to optimize the sensor performance.






K. Salah and K. Fouad, "Performance Optimization of Pressure Sensor Based on Suspended Gate MOSFET", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vol. 30, pp. 43-53, 2018

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November 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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