The Innovation and Construction of Enterprise Information Management Mode in the Era of Cloud Computing


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The main purpose of writing this paper is to introduce the application of a new technology and business model--cloud computing to enterprises which are undertaking or will undertake the construction and operation of information management system, in order to solve the problems of high investment and low efficiency in information system construction and operation. The paper makes a general introduction to cloud computing, discusses the influence of cloud computing on enterprises taking into account the actual problems of enterprises, and puts an emphasis on how to use cloud computing for information management innovation. The paper puts forward a brand-new mode of enterprise information management - cloud services and points out the commercial application value of cloud computing, and enterprises can use the ideas in this paper for important reference in the process of information management innovation.



Edited by:

Wei Deng and Qi Luo




J. Li "The Innovation and Construction of Enterprise Information Management Mode in the Era of Cloud Computing", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vols. 6-7, pp. 143-148, 2012

Online since:

September 2012



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