A Multi-Purpose Vision-Equipped-Remotely-Operable Rig for Hydro-Units Monitoring


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Hydroelectricity is a viable resource for production today. Being renewable, delivering system services and producing the cheapest electricity possible, these are facts that recommend hydroelectricity today. Oftentimes power plants work together with storage pumping stations. Simulation and multiple-speed experimental testing work together to ensure their efficiency increase when redesigning and/or refurbishing. Very important also is the operating cost reduction. Eliminating cavitation regimes lead to a longer life for the machine. The net result is a reduced maintenance activity therefore cost cuts. Operating these stations remotely, offer the possibility to reduce the operating and maintenance costs. Data acquisition feature helps managers to better schedule the maintenance activity with the net effect of reducing the operation cost. This paper presents a testing platform retrofitted with remote control capability and camera vision to demonstrate the remote control and monitoring. Built in the lab, the experimental facility is a valuable hardware platform allowing the researcher to target different research directions.



Edited by:

Aurel Vlaicu and Stelian Brad






I. R. Stanciu et al., "A Multi-Purpose Vision-Equipped-Remotely-Operable Rig for Hydro-Units Monitoring", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vols. 8-9, pp. 175-184, 2013

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June 2013


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