SiadEnv Safety and Communication Features in Real Life Scenarios


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SiadEnv system was designed to keep track of the energy consumes in residential and industrial buildings. This will analyze and compute the energy consume real need in various scenarios. The main objective of SiadEnv is to reduce the energy losses by taking action and modifying the room settings. Thus, SiadEnv computes the difference between outdoor and indoor temperature and adjusts the heating or cooling management in order to maintain the comfort index and to reduce the energy consume. Moreover, it contains indoor safety modules that prevent or reduce the impact of unwanted events such as flood, fire, motion control (thief entry etc). Due to SiadEnv modular design based on wireless sensors networks, the fire monitoring safety module can be easy reconfigured in order to extend its applications. As further work, the SiadEnv safety module will be redesigned into a new application with important social economic and environmental impact, which will use monitor forest fire and predict its dynamic, in order to provide crucial data for forest salvation.



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Aurel Vlaicu and Stelian Brad




A. Trandabat et al., "SiadEnv Safety and Communication Features in Real Life Scenarios", Advanced Engineering Forum, Vols. 8-9, pp. 195-204, 2013

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June 2013


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