Measurement of Material Properties for Metal Foam Cored Polymer Composite Sandwich Construction


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Material properties are required for the numerical simulation of the impact progressive collapse of metal foam cored polymer composite sandwich beams, using LS-DYNA. As far as the metal foam, Alporas, is concerned, multi-axial tension and compression data is required. This includes large scale crush and tensile rupture. An Arcan test fixture was developed, in which a sample of foam can be subject to tensile and shear deformation simultaneously. The data was also used to calibrate the crushable foam material model in LS-DYNA. For the skin, tensile and compression data was generated for a cross ply glass fibre thermoplastic laminate. The data was then used to calibrate the composite damage material model in LS-DYNA. Inclusion of calibrated material models into the simulation of the progressive collapse of metal foam cored composite sandwich beams will be briefly discussed.



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M. Lucas




S. McKown and R. A.W. Mines, "Measurement of Material Properties for Metal Foam Cored Polymer Composite Sandwich Construction", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 1-2, pp. 211-216, 2004

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September 2004




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