Advances in Experimental Mechanics

Volumes 1-2

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Steve Haake

Abstract: This paper aims to define sports engineering through the use of historical and contemporary examples. The historical development of the...

Authors: Takashi Yokoyama

Abstract: Compressive stress-strain characteristics of carbon/epoxy laminated composites in the through-thickness direction at strain rates of over...

Authors: Peter Stanley

Abstract: The paper provides a picture of the changes and advances in the field of strain measurement, as represented by the contents of the journal...

Authors: Thomas H. Hyde, W. Sun

Abstract: This paper describes some recent work on the stress analyses and failure prediction of some typical pressurised high temperature components...

Authors: R.H. Cornish, M. Srai, P. Cowen, M. Welch, Mike Daniels

Abstract: This paper reports results from a stress, acoustics and vibration investigation of the ride and driveline components of a new 2-seater...

Authors: Alan MacBeath, Andrea Cardoni, Lorna Smith, Margaret Lucas

Abstract: The design of high power ultrasonic cutting devices is based on tuning a blade to a longitudinal mode of vibration at a low ultrasonic...

Authors: José Manoel Balthazar, Reyolando Manoel Lopes Rabelo da Fonseca Brasil, F.J. Garzeri

Abstract: We present measurements of the non-linear oscillations of a portal frame foundation for a non-ideal motor. We consider a three-time...

Authors: M.F. Harper, M. Thompson

Abstract: Noise from a source such as an engine or gearbox can travel through a surrounding structure by many routes. It can be very difficult to...

Authors: Irina Trendafilova, M. Imbabi

Abstract: This research considers the problem for vibration based damage diagnosis in reinforced concrete slabs. It suggests the analysis of the time...

Authors: Din Geng Li, Ji Guang Cao, Jun Wen Wang, Chuan Yao Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a new type of vibration structure (i.e. swing frame) of vertical dynamic balancing machine is designed, which is based on the...


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