Advances in Experimental Mechanics

Volumes 1-2

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joao Quinta da Fonseca, Michael Preuss, P. Ryan, Philip J. Withers

Abstract: By combining modern surface strain measurement techniques with the traditional tensile test mechanical test, a method has been developed...

Authors: S. Quinn, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton

Abstract: A review of the Stress Concentration Factors (SCFs) obtained from normal and oblique holes in thick flat plates loaded in uniaxial tension...

Authors: L. Babout, J. Quinta Da Fonseca, Michael Preuss

Abstract: In this work optical microscopy in situ tensile testing has been carried out to study the localisation of surface strain in fully lamellar...

Authors: Rachel A Tomlinson, G.C. Calvert

Abstract: The advent of new thermoelastic stress analysis (TSA) technology has widened the industrial applications of the technique. Three case...

Authors: I.A. Jones, Christopher E. Truman, Julian D. Booker

Abstract: This paper describes initial investigations into the use of frozen-stress photoelasticity to study the development of slippage within...

Authors: T. Yan, B.E. Jones, R.T. Rakowski, M.J. Tudor, S.P. Beeby, Nicholas M. White

Abstract: A joint Brunel-Southampton Universities’ research team has developed digital strain gauges based on a metallic triple-beam resonator...

Authors: Benjamin L. Grisso, Daniel M. Peairs, Daniel J. Inman

Abstract: The impedance-based structural health monitoring method is used to successfully detect different damage mechanisms in composites and to...

Authors: G. Thursby, B. Sorazu, D. Betz, M. Staszewski, B. Culshaw

Abstract: The measurement of changes in the properties of ultrasonic Lamb waves propagating through structural material has frequently been proposed...

Authors: Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, S. Quinn, C. Eyre, P.R. Cunningham

Abstract: A means of calibrating the effect of temperature on the thermoelastic signal obtained from the Deltatherm system is described. A design of...

Authors: Bryan Roebuck, M. Brooks, M.G. Gee

Abstract: Mechanical test machines play an important role in providing simulation data to underpin careful analysis of high rate processes. In many...


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