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Authors: Li Zhi Gu
Abstract:It is the ideal goal for the realistic visualization to be accomplished for spatial solids with 2D presentation in digital technology. In...
Authors: Y.X. Sheng, W.G. Yang
Abstract:This article utilizes the game theory of the complete information condition and incomplete information condition equilibrium as well as the...
Authors: T. He, L.M. Qiao, X.F. Xu, Y.L. Fu
Abstract:To reduce the complexity and difficulty of costing of quality of manufactures, a new approach about the costing of quality including the...
Authors: X.Z. Wei, J.M. Wu, R. Wu
Abstract:It is extremely essential to establish financial early-warning system for listed companies in Chinese shipbuilding industry. Taking...
Authors: Hang Gao, Xue Shu Liu, Q. Li, Dong Ming Guo
Abstract:In this paper, a kind of product numbering system for single piece/small batch customization manufacturing and its process organization is...
Authors: Q.S. Xie, Gui Xian Zhou, Q.N. Yan
Abstract:E-Hubs as new entrants with new business models pour into the business-to-business space; it's increasingly difficult to make sense of the...
Authors: Li Hua Dong, Jian Huang, X.H. Xing, L.G. Wang
Abstract:Network manufacturing, with the development of network economy, is advanced manufacturing mode. It’s applied widely. The engine...
Authors: Sheng Feng Qin, Emmanouil Lagoudakis, Qing Ping Kang, Kai Cheng
Abstract:This paper presents a customer-centric strategy for e-manufacturing in apparel industry. This strategy integrates 3D body scanning and 3D...
Authors: C.J. Zhou, Z.H. Lin
Abstract:Product family planning has received much attention from both academia and industries. It aims at incorporating customers’ needs into design...
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