Modern Data Information Retrieval and an Approach towards Content-Based Collaborative System


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With the fast deploying and development of information sharing technologies, the Internet has been extensively applied by modern enterprises to pursue a good, efficient communication with their customers and thus research activities supported by global companies zealously motivate onto the Internet which can be used to advertise their products and provide relevant information within design and manufacturing process. Modern enterprises of manufacturing utilize the benefits of global resource from Internet to make the solution which could cut cycle time and reduce costs during the procedure of product design, development and manufacturing. Due to positive development of graphic technologies and 3D modelling tools, Internet is used as an infrastructure to develop new system and explore potential market by modern enterprises on account of the power of sharing text, value and data but also supports dynamic media such as delivering of high quality and interactive 3D graphical content. In the meantime, much work has been done by companies and numerous modelling systems have been developed to build three-dimensional detailed solid which focuses on designing useful parts and shapes using CAD/CAM technologies. Regarding to the increasing quantities of 3D models and requirement of designers based on design reuse in practice, the investigations suggest the achievement of shape data retrieval is viable and a characteristic 3D model search tool is welcome. This paper presents the framework of web-based system and technologies applied in design and the related barrier to implementation is identified. A method for collection 3D data is described and inevitable recursive analysis and relevant equation are induced.



Edited by:

Kai Cheng, Yingxue Yao and Liang Zhou




L. Li et al., "Modern Data Information Retrieval and an Approach towards Content-Based Collaborative System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 10-12, pp. 62-66, 2008

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December 2007




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