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Authors: Zhen Jiang Hu, Yong Da Yan, Tao Sun, Shen Dong, Z.Z. Zhao

Abstract: The equations correlated the normal load and the tip penetration depth were derived through the theoretical analysis of the penetration...

Authors: Ji Hong Yan, Nobuhiro Isobe, Jay Lee

Abstract: Significant aspects of intelligent maintenance include the abilities to diagnose impending failures, prognose the remaining useful lifetime...

Authors: Yan Nian Rui, Ming Wang, W.J. Liu, Dun Wen Zuo, M. Wang

Abstract: According to dyeing and printing wastewater of high chroma and difficult decomposition, a new ultrasonic focalize decomposition method is...

Authors: Jun Ting Cheng, C. Zhao, W.T. He

Abstract: This paper introduced present application in the world and some problems in the calibration technique of 3D measuring system....

Authors: Dun Wen Zuo, Dang Zeng, Hong Xiang Wang, Wen Zhuang Lu, M. Wang

Abstract: Based on the traditional HFCVD system, a new set of miniature HFCVD diamond film-deposition system with a swingabe substrate platform has...

Authors: Xu Hong Guo, G. Liu, G.S. Su

Abstract: Cutting tests had been done on the Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) with ceramic cutting tools. The wear shape of the cutting tool’s surface...

Authors: Shi Hong Shi, Ming Di Wang

Abstract: The experiment result of base of laser cladding samples shows that more energy base absorb, more wide the Hot affect region. The base with...

Authors: Kai Ling Li, Zhen Ya Wang, Jian Feng Li, Jing Geng

Abstract: This article studies the two-ring-dimension-chain and the parallel connection dimension chain (simply named parallel-chain) in the...

Authors: X.S. Wang, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: This article sets forth a new precision measurement method of CNC machine tools. The method incorporates the laser interferometer and the...

Authors: Y.F. Ge, Jiu Hua Xu, Hui Yang, S.B. Luo, Yu Can Fu

Abstract: Ultra-precision turning tests on SiCp/2024Al and SiCp/ZL101A composites were carried out to investigate the surface quality using single...


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