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Authors: Ying Guang Li, T.L. Fang, S.J. Cheng, W.H. Liao

Abstract: Feature-based programming is one of tendency of NC programming technology, and it is also an important portion for CAD/CAPP/CAM integration...

Authors: Zhong Qiu Wang, J. Sun, Jian Feng Li, I. Al-Zkeri

Abstract: Residual stress on the machined surface and the subsurface is one of the most important factors that can influence the service quality of a...

Authors: Yue Qing Sun, Jian Zhong Zhou, Yi Bin Chen, Shu Huang

Abstract: Using Taguchi method to optimize the critical parameters of laser peening (LP) is presented firstly. The objective of the study is to...

Authors: Hong Bo Lan, Yu Cheng Ding, Jun Hong, B.H. Lu

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel integrated modeling method based on cross-sectional imaging system which can implement the rapid and low-cost...

Authors: Sheng Wen Zhang, Chan Yuan Gong, Xi Feng Fang, Gui Cheng Wang

Abstract: The effect of cutting tool geometry on cutting process is very prominent and cannot be ignored, especially the interactions between tool...

Authors: N. Fan, Pei Quan Guo, Xian Chi, Z.H. Gao

Abstract: Cutting tool wear has relation with the cutting forces. By way of signal processing, the power spectrums of cutting forces in different...

Authors: Yue Dong Lang, Ying Xue Yao, Ping Jun Xia

Abstract: Due to the worldwide competition of manufacturing industry and the development of virtual reality (VR) technology, virtual assembly (VA)...

Authors: Ri Liang Liu, Cheng Rui Zhang, Xian Zhi Zhang

Abstract: The emerging standard ISO 14649, informally known as STEP-NC, presents an opportunity to revolutionize computer numerical control (CNC)...

Authors: Li Zhang, Shi Ming Ji, Yi Xie, Qiao Ling Yuan, Yin Dong Zhang, Z.N. Yao

Abstract: The image of cutting tools provides reliable information regarding the extent of tool wear. In this paper, we propose the theory of image...

Authors: Z.C. Du, P. Zhang, Jian Guo Yang, M.S. Hong

Abstract: The accuracy of spindle rotation is one of the most important precision indexes of CNC machine tools. And the spindle rotation induced...


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