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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.10-12

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Authors: Yong Xian Liu, J. Xiong, B.M. Sun

Abstract: Job-shop dynamic scheduling is an important subject in the fields of production management and combinatorial optimization. It is usually...

Authors: Guo Lei Wang, Lin Lin, S.S. Zhong

Abstract: Considering the complexity and uncertainty of production planning in large manufacturing enterprise, hierarchical planning and scheduling...

Authors: B. Liu, T.J. Jin, Y.L. Ma

Abstract: In the light of project management, concurrent engineering and agile manufacturing, in relation to the characteristics of the concurrence...

Authors: Q.C. Ma, X.W. Liu

Abstract: This paper starts with an analysis of the need for knowledge based engineering (KBE) system based on typical domain-specific engineering...

Authors: Lin Lin, Guo Lei Wang, S.S. Zhong

Abstract: The technology of product configuration in a Product Data Management (PDM) system was discussed in this paper. The paper presented the...

Authors: Zhen Xiu Hou, En Ren Liu, An Feng, Zhong Ren Wang

Abstract: To explore geometrical shape deforms, stress distribution, strain distribution and wall thickness of products in the process of...

Authors: H.G. Liu, Rong Mo, Qing Ming Fan, Zhi Yong Chang, Y. Zhao

Abstract: In the light of growing global competition, organizations around the world today are constantly under pressure to produce high-quality...

Authors: Xue Shu Liu, Hang Gao, Dong Ming Guo

Abstract: On the basis of analysis and summary of the research of the others, we choose the notepad as the carrier of the data file and a code as the...

Authors: W. Wang, Wen Hui Fan, T.Q. Chang, G.L. Xiong

Abstract: Complex products are integrated by many subsystems through complex couplings. It is fussy to do design optimization on complex product in...

Authors: Min Lv, G. Wang, G.Q. Wang

Abstract: In order to automate the manufacturing process design and shorten the design lifecycle, a visible manufacturing process design system is...


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