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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.10-12

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Authors: Y. Zhao, Rong Mo

Abstract: The traditional series working mode can not make the outcome of product design process verified by activities of manufacturing domain in...

Authors: Yi Nan Lai, G. Y. Zhang, H.N. Yu, Gang Feng Liu

Abstract: The numerical simulation method is used to solve the problems of pipe bending manufacturing such as die with fine cracks, ovality of pipe....

Authors: W. Li, J.S. Yao, R.H. Li

Abstract: During the operation of trolley crane systems, the anti-sway control of the suspended load is always a key problem .Due to the uncertain...

Authors: H.B. Zhang, L. Zhou, Ying Xue Yao, Dong Li Qin

Abstract: Because of many advantages that other kinds of bearings can not match, for example high precision and high speed, gas lubricated bearing...

Authors: F.S. Qiu, W.J. Liu, Y.H. Chen, D.F. Zhao

Abstract: For process assignment that is strongly cohesive and weakly coupled, an evaluating model based on activity relation matrix is constructed...

Authors: J.M. Wen, Z.C. Cao

Abstract: An analytical technique, namely the method of multiple scales, is applied to solve the differential equations of free oscillations with...

Authors: H.B. Miao

Abstract: Conceptual design for the mechanical products is the most important and complex phase. Most of the human’s creativity is exhibited in this...

Authors: Alan J. Crispin, Kai Cheng

Abstract: This paper presents a greedy search placement algorithm which incorporates backtracking for the leather stock cutting problem. In the...

Authors: Hui Bin Sun, Ping Yu Jiang, B. Yu, M. Zheng

Abstract: To enable drawing viewing in the mobile manufacturing collaboration environment, an SVG-based solution is proposed. It converts the CAD...

Authors: Ai Min Gong, Ping Yu Jiang

Abstract: Currently, Internet/Intranet-based enterprise knowledge management for product life-cycle plays a very important role. For modern...


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