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Authors: Zhuo Meng, Jing Jing Sun, Zhi Jun Sun, L. Zeng

Abstract: The tension of warp and weft run through the whole weaving process in knitted carpet weaving equipment. The performance of delivering warp...

Authors: Jun Yan Liu, Rong Di Han, Yang Wang

Abstract: Water vapor is a good, pollution-free and economical coolants and lubricants in green machining. In order to research the cutting...

Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Guang Lin Wang, S. Zou

Abstract: This paper deals with a self-sealing flange system using O-ring as the potted component, and defines the design variables, restrictions and...

Authors: J.L. Song, Guang Jun Chen

Abstract: Vibratory cutting is one of the newly developed machining techniques and theories in recent years. Insight into the machining mechanism and...

Authors: Dong Ju Chen, Yong Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang, H.M. Wang

Abstract: In the process of the ultra-precision grinding, the machining path of the aspherical is the result of motor coordination by several axes...

Authors: Yuan Gang Wang, Fu Ling Zhao

Abstract: Powder mixed EDM can effectively improve the surface quality of a machined workpiece. In order to study the mechanism of powder mixed EDM...

Authors: Tao Chen, Yi Wen Wang, Yu Fu Li, C.J. Yang, Xian Li Liu

Abstract: In this paper, cutting experiment and FEM simulation are combined to investigate the effect of various chamfered edge geometries on cutting...

Authors: Li Cheng Fan, L.N. Sun, Zhi Jiang Du

Abstract: In 3-axis NC machining, most algorithms of the sculptured surface tool-path generation are valid for ball-cutter, and the axes are designed...

Authors: Y.K. Zhou, Z.H. Zheng, R. Li, Y. Li, M.L. Wang

Abstract: This paper introduce a way to prepare Guizhou palygorskite mineral nanoparticles by dry-wet ball milling and modified its surface, with...

Authors: Zheng Li, K. Mao

Abstract: The gear design always be focus on analyzing the static performance (strength, stress, friction) and dynamic performance (inertia, noise,...


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