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Authors: Yu Yang, D.C. Cong, Jun Wei Han

Abstract: The force of control column is very important for the pilot in a flight simulator. So the control loading system in the flight simulator...

Authors: H.B. Feng, Y.L. Fu, R. Li

Abstract: This paper presents an automatic pipe-routing algorithm for pipelines with branches in an electromechanical product. The algorithm uses...

Authors: Bin Wang, D.F. Liu, P. Wang, Q.S. Xie

Abstract: In order to find an optimum assembly sequence in engineering design domain, a knowledge-based virtual assembly approach was put forward....

Authors: G.H. Liu, Ying Xue Yao, S. Zhang

Abstract: With the analysis of assembly course of some large-scale products, a new man-machine interactive system for virtual assembly of such...

Authors: Yue Dong Lang, Ying Xue Yao, Ping Jun Xia, J.G. Li

Abstract: Due to complex process and high difficult operation for large-scale products assembly, the application of virtual assembly (VA) has an...

Authors: J. Wu, Ying Xue Yao, J.G. Li

Abstract: Maximally utilizing the capabilities offered by the feed drive systems in the CNC machining can both increase productivity and improve...

Authors: B. Yuan, Wei Xiong, Zu Wen Wang

Abstract: Virtual prototype technology could integrate different CAD formats parts into an digital model. In this way the design process will be more...

Authors: Yue Dong Lang, Ying Xue Yao, Ping Jun Xia, G.H. Liu

Abstract: Due to big structure and complex process for some large-scale products (such as planes and rockets), the workers have to try many times and...

Authors: Hua Long Xie, F. Li, Fei Wang, Yong Xian Liu

Abstract: Biped robot with heterogeneous legs (BRHL) is a new pattern humanoid robot. This paper first introduces the conception, research purpose...

Authors: W.T. Sun, Yong Xian Liu, G.M. Sun, Y.C. Zhang

Abstract: For the improvement of the system real-time capability, the DSP Curve Surface interpolator has been designed to ensure high speed, high...


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