A New Modular Coaxial Feeder Nozzle in Laser Cladding


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The powder feeder head is studied, which is one of the key to laser cladding. In view of many coaxial nozzles that are used nowadays, we have found that while cladding is doing, most of the nozzles have poor affect on powder-gathering. So as have researched on the theoretical and experiments, we designed a new coaxial nozzle, which has a great affect on powder-gathering, and can be modular disassembled. We have researched on powder stream theoretically, shot the morphology of powder stream by using high-resolution CCD camera, and analyzed the parameters of powder stream. And this new coaxial nozzle has been used in laser cladding experiments.



Edited by:

Di Zheng, Yiqiang Wang, Yi-Min Deng, Aibing Yu and Weihua Li






F. Wang and X. C. Yang, "A New Modular Coaxial Feeder Nozzle in Laser Cladding", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 101-102, pp. 954-957, 2012

Online since:

September 2011




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