Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Kai Fang

Abstract: Expansion joints are non-standard devices which shape and parameters could vary with temperature, pressure, displacement and cycle life. The...

Authors: Jian Zuo Ma, Peng Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a fan clutch driven by SMA spring actuator. Based on shape memory effect of SMA, the operational principle of the fan...

Authors: Yu Jing Jia, Yuan Bo Cheng

Abstract: This paper introduces a roller processing machine. Base on design project specifications, mechanical structure, processing requirement and...

Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Qian Zhang

Abstract: Safety assessment of bridge crane metal structure is widely needed. A general bridge safety assessment model of metal structure based on BP...

Authors: Li Xia Wang, Lin Wang, Shu Qian He

Abstract: Personnel training of higher vocational industrial design for engineering class will be positioned on designing both the product exterior...

Authors: Yan Li Huang, Wen Lin Zeng, Guo Dong Song

Abstract: As a unique aspect of the furniture design, the lovers’ furniture design which features and value are different from other furniture design...

Authors: Ji Min Zhang, Kuan Yang

Abstract: A new elastic disc brake pad device is designed. A mathematical model on railway vehicle elastic disc brake is established compared with the...

Authors: Guang Zhen Cheng, Xu Qin Chen

Abstract: The special honing machine is used in the precision machine of the monomer hydraulic prop cylinder internal hole surface. The main revolving...

Authors: Ping Yu, Yao Hua Wang, Zhi Hui Xiao, Dong Yu Liu

Abstract: Hammer is an important part of the top drive system. ANSYS software was applied to analyze the top drive system drilling rig hammer. The...


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