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Authors: Yusaku Fujii, Akihiro Takita, Jakrapong Kaewkhao, Mitra Djamal, Takao Yamaguchi
Abstract:This paper reviews the present status and future prospects of the levitation mass method (LMM), which is a precision mechanical measurement...
Authors: En Ming Miao, Xin Wang, Ye Tai Fei, Yan Yan
Abstract:Thermal error modeling method is an important field of thermal error compensation on NC machine tools, it is also a key for improving the...
Authors: Xiu Ying Liao, Hui Cheng, Yi Cheng Bai
Abstract:An observation scheme, which is designed several frequencies suited over the natural audio electric field frequency range, is used to...
Authors: Yun Bing Hu, Yan Qing Wu, Hou Qing Kang, Guo Hong Fu
Abstract:In order to avoid the useless tunneling and the low mining rate, the mine seismograph measurement new technology is applied to measure the...
Authors: Xiao Yan Yuan, Hong Fang, Xin Zhou, Guo Chu Shou
Abstract:Multisine signal is often employed as an appropriate excitation to represent the complex modulated RF signals for accurate measurement of...
Authors: Xin Jie Wu, Duo Hao, Rong Rong Fu, Chao Xu
Abstract:The roundness error is an important index of mechanical part and its interchangeability, it is the key to quality of product. A new method...
Authors: Min Lan Jiang, Fu Peng Li, Xiao Dong Wang
Abstract:Nano-Grating measurement technology has been made great development in our country, for its unique advantage which isn’t available in laser...
Authors: Zhi Cheng Huang, Ze Lun Li
Abstract:The influence of the frame structure’s deformation of the automatic hydraulic tile press on energy consumption has long been neglected. In...
Authors: Lu Hua Fu, Gui Mei Dong, Li Feng, Yu Chi Lin
Abstract:Based on the principle of tracking inversion points method for north-finding, the tracking inversion points method without torque is...
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